Well, I presume I am leaning more towards substance than towards form. As a general approach that has always defined my attitude during my years of working with children of all age groups in educational settings.

Theory and practice are always interlinked. Education is political practice. It is a concrete intervention in the here and now as much as it is an intervention into the future. There is no such thing as an outside of politics. There are only different levels of intervention. Put  in words by Bertolt Brecht:

On the Critical Attitude

The critical attitude
Strikes many people as unfruitful
That is because they find the state
Impervious to their criticism
But what in this case is an unfruitful attitude
Is merely a feeble attitude. Give criticism arms
And states can be demolished by it.

Canalising a river
Grafting a fruit tree
Educating a person
Transforming a state
These are instances of fruitful criticism
And at the same time instances of art.

Bertolt Brecht

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